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Tech Lead

Apr 23 to Present · 1y

I largely work on the React Native app at Cleo, but I dabble with our Ruby on Rails backend when needed and work with our CI/CD pipelines every so often. I've worked on a few teams during my time, mostly covering our two main subscription products, Plus and Builder.

Right now I'm tech lead on a squad that works on our Credit Builder Card product. Aside from delivery, my main responsibilities are scoping and planning upcoming work, mostly AB tests, making sure we're building in a way that means we deliver value to our users as quickly as possible.

I also spend a lot of time working with our data (we collect a lot!) to find opportunities for the team and spot any issues, as well as plenty of interviewing.

Second Nature

Senior Software Engineer

Aug 21 to Apr 23 · 1y, 8m

Second Nature is a health tech startup, working to make type 2 diabetes a thing of the past. I was the senior engineer in a small team of 4 engineers, as well as a PM, designer and data scientist. Mainly I worked on our React Native app and Express/MongoDB REST API.

I also lead on a projects to roll out a new CRM (Braze), and lead the adoption of a new headless CMS called Strapi. This involved working with our cloud infrastructure in AWS, all defined with Terraform.


Software Engineer (Level 2)

Nov 20 to Aug 21 · 9m

I worked on transitioning Loveholidays' booking management platform from an existing web app to a cross platform web and mobile app solution using React Native for Web. Part of this involved building out a GraphQL layer between the new app and existing Java REST APIs.

Soho House & Co

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 19 to Nov 20 · 1y, 10m

For the bulk of my time at Soho House I worked on our NuxtJS/Vue frontend, delivering members the ability to book events, hotel rooms, read editorial content and more. The web app had been built by an agency prior to me joining, so part of my work involved increasing test coverage from almost nothing to 70%, as well as adding end to end tests with Cypress.

I introduced TypeScript in to our stack, including it in our design system as well as a NodeJS microservice, managed with Kubernetes, I built to collect payment details.

I lead on a project to deliver bookings and waitlists which were needed to manage capacity when the houses were reopening after Covid-19. This involved working with Salesforce as well as some of our Ruby microservices, and planning the work for our mobile developers.


Software Engineer

Sep 16 to Jan 19 · 2y, 4m

I was Rotaready's first hire, working with the two cofounders on our SaaS product, which was built with Angular and NodeJS. I built integrations with 3rd party software such as HR and EPOS systems, created our React Native mobile app, and spent time expanding and maintaining our AWS infrastructure.

During my time at Rotaready we scaled the business from 15 customers to 60 and 1 engineer to 6. As we built the engineering team I helped to form our development process, rolling out Jira and CI as well as introducing unit testing and linting.

Think Jam

Junior Developer

Jul 15 to Aug 17 · 2y, 1m

Think Jam was my first job after university, initially I joined as an intern but was offered a full time position after 6 weeks. I built small JavaScript and PHP marketing websites for our clients, largely theatres and film studios.